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I love mercurial for version control. I find it intuitive to use and simpler to integrate into my workflow than git. I also love that bitbucket allows me unlimited private repositories as well as public repositories. Bitbucket has become the place where I keep my code backups, both private and public. However github is a vibrant commons for programmers, so to go where the action is, I am placing a mirror of my source code for the arduino-tcl library on github

Thankfully the hg-git plugin to mercurial makes this easy. I can continue to use mercurial for version control and can participate in the git based ecosystem that is github. To push my repository to github I modified my .hg/hgrc file to include the line

github = git+ssh://

I then had to bookmark the default branch revision as master (which was mentioned in the hg-git documentation).

hg bookmark -r default master

Then I could push to the new repository using the command:

hg push github

So now everyone in the github community can access and fork the arduino-tcl library and make it better.