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It’s time for a couple of software announcements:

  1. A new version of the Total Control Lighting Arduino library is now available (version 1.2). It includes support for the forthcoming Total Control Lighting Developer Shield (see the README for details), a new color designer example, which lets you dial in exactly the color you want on the LEDs and then find the right RGB combination with the click of a button, and a serial control sketch which allows you to control the lights via USB connection through the Arduino from the computer, but why did I add this?
  2. PixelPaint, my new software for designing animations on Total Control Lighting pixels is ready for download. The software lets you control the lights directly from a computer, or load a sequence into the Arduino that can run without a computer. You can see a video of some of the early development (Note that it now does connect in real time to the Arduino).

Both software packages are open source. Now go have fun!